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Prosfora is into Drug Product Supplies to advanced markets as well as markets of rest of the world. The manufacturing supplies of oral doses drug products are done from its EU GMP certified site. The site is also certified from advanced regulatory bodies like TGA Australia and TPD Canada. The supplies to the rest of the world is backed by company's own drug product dossiers which are available for outlicensing for the marketing companies.
The company has ventured into supply of solid oral doses manufacturing and other pharmaceutical forms from its partnering companies. In addition to tablets, capsules and pellets forms in general therapeutic category, it has now engaged itself in supplying:

  • Sterile injectable products in general category
  • Oral and sterile products in oncology
  • Oral liquids in general category
  • Semi-Solid products (Ointments and Cremes)

The drug substance supplies are done from its WHO-GMP approved site. The site is a multi-product manufacturing facility backed by a process development laboratory. The API manufacturing site also undertakes confidential and niche CDMO projects from big pharma.

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