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CRAMS (Contract Research and Manufacturing Services)
We have distinctively and rapidly evolved into a fully integrated Contract research and Manufacturing services. This includes both the drug substance (APIs) and the drug product (formulation) space. This integrated development capability from the drug substance to drug product is one of unique advantages that we bring to our customers.

Over the years, Prosfora’s continuous investment in research and manufacture has positioned it as a global CRAMS partner. This initiative connects Prosfora’s research capabilities with the group's industrial-scale manufacturing capabilities.

Prosfora Research centrally positions itself in the drug product and drug substance domain with the right mix of infrastructure, knowledge and business orientation. With CRAMS, we also reinforce our position as a preferred global partner with the potential to undertake a wide range of projects on a 'FTE' or 'fee for service' basis.

At Prosfora, our new product development program generally includes literature surveys, pre-formulation studies, compatibility studies, analytical method development and validation, formulation development and optimization, formal stability studies, and manufacturing process development according to ICH Guidelines.

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